This Sunday School Roll book from 1903 to 1920 is sadly the only remaining register we have from Wycliffe’s Sunday School. The school was originally located underneath the church building, and was purpose built in this way. In July 1902 a new, self contained Sunday School building opened, situated on the left hand side of the church (viewed from Wellington Road).You can read more about this in our history section.

This roll or register begins in November 1903 and continues to June 1907 when there is a break and other registers used for some reason. It resumes in January 1917 and continues until July 1920 listing a total of 776 students (an error in the numbering counted some twice), with their name, address, date they joined, and sometimes the class they were in.

The register is not searchable yet, and needs transcribing, but the following images are the only digital record of Wycliffe Sunday School students available so far, and as such may be of interest to family and local historians alike.