Congregationalists believe that if Christians assemble to discern Christ’s will, he will enable them to discover it

The Congregational Federation

Built in 1849-50, Wycliffe Congregational Church on Wellington Road North, Stockport is currently undergoing National Lottery Heritage Fund phased repair work, with a new Welsh slate roof having been completed in phase 2. Phase 3 has seen the stunning East window restored, along with surrounding stonework, and the creation of an accessible entrance with lift. Inside, a new space has been created for worship and community use. Please get in touch if you think your group may wish to use the space.

Newly restored East Window

We welcome community and church groups, and are trying to establish a community garden scheme for those without access to a garden to make use of our corner plot. See our community page for more information.


Wycliffe is the nearest Congregational Church to Stockport town centre, and is part of the Congregational Federation. Congregationalists are very democratic, and churches are run by the congregation through meetings and appointment of Deacons. Although a member of the Congregational Federation, this is not an authoritative body, merely advisory and supportive, and all decisions are voted on by members of the church.

  • Congregationalists are bound to their local church, and each church to the Congregational Federation, by belief in the living God revealed in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
  • We trust in our Lord’s promise to be with His people who meet in His name.
  • We affirm the scriptural right of every church to maintain independence in the ordering of its affairs according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • We recognise the oneness of all Christians within the world-wide Church, and respect the natural diversities of ways to God. We seek the unity for which Christ prayed by the means He wills.
  • We worship, work and serve with all who love our Lord, to realise His Kingdom in the world, and to help our fellow people everywhere to know the joy of His companionship.

Who can become a Church Member?

All people who put their trust in Jesus Christ and are resolved, by God’s help to walk in His footsteps. Or, more simply, are in earnest about trying to lead a better life.

We do not ask you to accept a certain theological creed.

If you have heard Christ’s “Follow Me” and if your desire to follow Him has grown into a decision, then no other qualification is needed to become a member, for none other is needed to become a disciple of Christ.

New members welcome, see our worship page for service times, or pop along to coffee morning for a chat.